Testing and Laboratory Services

Testing and Laboratory Services

Flow Sciences is the leading resource for Containment Equipment, Testing, and Documentation. We recognize that our clients need more than just a containment unit. They need a partner.

The primary mission of Flow Sciences is to contain hazardous materials. Flow Sciences maintains a laboratory for containment performance verification, relevant standard testing, and product development. We test every unique enclosure that is manufactured for reliable performance.

Once a final design has been decided upon, the unit is manufactured, and the containment performance of the engineering control is verified and validated to the necessary standards.

It is sometimes desirable/necessary to perform surrogate powder testing to further evaluate enclosure performance using simulated operations.  The implementation of protocol development ensures that our tests are the most accurate representation of your process(s).

Engineering controls are only one part of a comprehensive strategy for containment. A surrogate powder FAT and SAT, that includes Good Lab Practices and SOPs, defines how the end user will interact with the process. This provides for the most reliable indication of expected performance. Compliance with solid SOPs and training combined with an ongoing sampling plan can help sustain consistent containment results.



  • ANSI/ASHRAE 110-2016
  • ANSI/AIHA Z9.5-2012
  • ISO 14644-7
  • ISO 10648-2 Containment Enclosures – Part 2
  • ISPE Good Practice Guide
  • Surrogate Powder Testing
  • Balance Stability Testing


  • Comprehensive Reports for Surrogate Powder Testing
  • Summary Reports for Standard Testing


  • Training for Certifiers
  • Training Video Production
  • Instructional Documentation
  • Product Manual Supplements


  • Sample Test API Procurement
  • Sample Test API Inventory Management
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