As potency increases across the industry, the need for high performance containment through the final stages of production has been in increasingly high demand. Due to the concentration and toxicity of the APIs and HPAPIs used in the formulation of OSD pills, the risk of exposure during the often messy packaging process is more critical than ever before. Proper engineering controls and risk mitigation should be in place to safely manufacture and package the medicines that the world relies on.
OEB 3-5

Class I BSC – Dual HEPA

Top Mount Containment ETA Series VBE, CVE, Class I Bio Safety Cabinet • Designed for working with balances and other equipment• Available in many exhaust

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Lindberg/Blue M Vacuum Oven

DESCRIPTION For containing vacuum oven where pressure and heat must be controlled for drying, curing, vacuum embedding, and plating applications. Enclosure features an aluminum frame,

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Stainless Steel Vented Enclosure

DESCRIPTION The Stainless Steel Malvern 3000 Enclosure with Getinge La Calhene Alpha- Rapid Transfer Port (RTP) port was designed to provide personnel protection during spectrophotometric

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HPAPI Processing and Drying Suite

HPAPI Processing & Drying Suite DESCRIPTION HPAPI Processing and Drying Suite designed as a complete process system with 2 glovebox enclosures connected for processing and

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Stainless Steel Bulk Powder Enclosure

Stainless Steel Bulk Powder Enclosure with 99.99% HEPA filtration and BIBO option. Integrated velocity alarm and minihelic pressure gauge ensure optimum airflow and containment. Stainless

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Polypropylene Bulk Powder Enclosure

Bulk Powder enclosure with Bag-In/Bag-Out HEPA filtration system designed for weighing application using an Avery Weigh-Tronix Digital Bench Scale. Enclosure includes stainless steel lift cart

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Sieving Suite

Sieving Suite Hybrid Isolator designed to house Retsch AS-200 TAP Sieve Shaker and Hirschmann Laborgeräte Jolting Volumeter STAV-II with Water bath cart. Airfoils and plenums

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Hybrid Isolator

HYBRID ISOLATOR Dual Purpose Contained Vented Enclosure • Removable Glove Panel for Multiple Processes Applications• Two-Speed Fan Adjusts Face Opening Air Velocity• Surrogate Powder Testing

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Glovebox Workstation

GLOVEBOX WORKSTATION​ LFBC™ Lateral Flow Bio Containment Isolator for HPAPI Processing Designed for working with HPAPI, ADCs, Oncology, and moreHEPA inlet filter for internal ISO

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