Customer Support

Customer Support

In case we have not met, I’m Robin Williams, Ask Robin.  I have worked here at Flow Sciences for almost 25 years establishing great relationships with our customers and partners.  Throughout my career at FSI, I have had the pleasure of advocating for you, the customer, to make sure that you are taken care of.  Most of the time, I am the friendly voice that answers the corporate phone line, so if we have not met in person, I’m sure we have talked.  This form is to reach me directly, and I will respond as soon as I can.  You can ask me anything, such as questions about our enclosures, help with which replacement parts to order, certification questions, etc…

I will be posting blog posts frequently below that will detail some of the customer questions that we have had, and hopefully they will help you as well.  I look forward to hearing from you, and remember, just “Ask Robin!”

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